New Ener-Qi


Access Your Body's Natural

Healing Ability to Release and Rebalance Physical, Emotional and Mental

Energy Blockages

Pain, Phobias, Anxiety

Non-Productive Beliefs



Catherine Rogers






  • "EFT is a phenomenal healing method and is an important centerpiece of my practice. It has helped cure many of my patients with chronic problems."

                       Eric Robins, MD





    •  "Master Chunyi Lin has developed an easy-to-follow program [SFQ] that will allow you to incorporate the health benefits of Qigong into your daily life."

           Deepak Chopra, MD



    The Energy of Health!


    If you're experiencing a mental or physical challenge or simply want to eliminate roadblocks to confidence and success, are you willing to try something completely different?  Then you've come to the right place!


    Explore how new approaches to Accelerated Human Potential Technologies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Spring Forest QiGong (SFQ,) Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you create positive, profound and enduring changes in every area of your life. I invite you to discover these self empowering tools for making you the best you can be. 



    Learn powerful secrets to stress management, personal development, peak performance, and physical and emotional healing.




    Your Present Is in Your Hands


    Isn't it exciting to think you have at your disposal right now the ability to reduce anxiety and stress, take charge of your life and assume responsibility for your emotional and physical health with these tools and techniques?  


    Amazing but true! Meridian Energy Therapies treat health and wellness attitudes from the point of view of the body's energy system. Many people think of energy in a very limited way. They think of energy as being electricity or the gasoline that powers their car. Electricity and gasoline are indeed forms of energy, but everything in the universe is also a form of energy and everything you encounter and every thought you think effects your energy system. 



    Sickness, whether it manifests physically, mentally, or emotionally, is also a form of energy.  Your body has within it other forms of energy generated by various physical, emotional and mental systems which can be accessed and reformatted to create vibrant health and well-being.  These newer approaches to mind/ body health, based on ancient eastern medicine traditions and newer health discoveries, offer surprising and rapid results. These techniques are convenient and easy to learn.


    When proficiently and persistently performed these methods have the potential to offer you mental relaxation and physical healing by releasing the energetic charge around worry, fear and anxiety.  Let go of past emotions that no longer serve you and get more enjoyment and fulfillment out of life!


    EFT  and other Meridian Energy Therapies enable you to remove the hold of  negative thoughts, emotions, self limiting beliefs and fears. Access your body's natural healing ability by "tapping into" your inner wisdom. 


    You have at your fingertips entree to guidance from a creative intelligence within you. You are more than you believe possible and answers to any of life's aspects are available to you -  to have health, happiness, excellent personal and professional relationships, prosperity.  The past and future only exist as emotional visions. There is no moment but the present.  Give your focus to making it the best it can be.


    My goal is to show you through my Website, Consultations and Workshops how you can:


    Gain Powerful Relief from the physical and emotional stressors of life.



    Remove the Barriers in achieving your goals, performing at your peak level and living the life you want.



    Apply and Benefit from these innovative and infinitely versatile methods of realigning your mind/body.



    Manage Emotions to achieve and gain inner peace, personal empowerment, responsibility and self-mastery.


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    We offer corporate workshops, seminars, and teleclasses as well as distance phone sessions. 


    EFT works well in a seminar setting using a technique called "Borrowing Benefits."

    Please call for group rates.

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