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"Tapping on off-the-field issues has changed my life and opened my mind up to a new world. It has given my body and mind the freedom you need as an athlete to focus and perform at the highest level." 
David Bell,

                            Major League

                            Baseball Player


"EFT is something you can use for everything. It’s a tremendous tool I wish I had known about a long time ago. Golf is a game of how you react mentally. One bad shot or hole can ruin a round. Tapping has improved how I think on the course, my calmness and my concentration. It calms you right away and makes you realize you’re in control of your emotions, of how you act and react in certain situations.

         Seth Joyner, Celebrity

            Players Tour golfer and

         former NFL Linebacker

The Truth About Sports Performance


No athlete who has come to me has been seeking a specific statistical result of any kind - whether to increase his batting average, take a stroke or two off his game, make more baskets, pass further.  What they want is their blocks removed because they know that once those impediments are gone, they will absolutely perform their best, whatever that is.  


The issues you and they are dealing with may be anxiety and loss of confidence that your performance is off.  Or it could be the fear that comes from an injury whether it relates to uncertainty about recovery or fear of re-injury.  Stress, lack of focus and discipline or just personal doubt can put you off your game.


After all, what really is behind an off performance?  Can it just be bad luck?  Or is it more likely stress, negative self-talk, and the anxiety that develops from repeating the same mistakes?  All athletes know the game, whatever it may be, is more mental than physical.  All past performance retains an emotional psychic charge.  We must forgive and release ourselves and anyone associated with negatively charged past events in order to achieve peak performance.  Self doubt can become insidious and destroy any physical potential.  Quell the emotion and your game is back.  Remember, emotions create chemicals that store themselves in various parts of the body.  If not dealt with and released, the chemicals will simply build, creating pain and dis-ease.


Obviously, results will vary.  I can't make you more talented, per se.  What I can do is help relieve the pressures that keep your native talent and knowledge from exhibiting its best face.  There is equipment that can help you improve, techniques that make you more efficient.  But no coach or pro can dispel the power of a nagging memory of blowing a game, the yips as you swing your club, the churning stomach or adrenaline roller coaster.


As Sports Performance Pioneer Stacey Vornbrock puts it, Meridian Therapy, especially EFT, "can remove mental, emotional, physical, and mechanical blocks so that athletes can perform at their highest level possible, whatever that is based on their talent, commitment to practice, nutritional practices, competition conditions, weather, and the defense."


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