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The Energy of Health!


"Too much emotion ... Frustration, hatred, anger...   I think that's the greatest obstacle. Too much negative emotion...should  be cooled down."

         His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Let's face it.   You came to this site looking for something more in your life - a way to access better health, get rid of a lifelong fear that holds you back, a new approach to a relationship or financial challenge, or just fixing your swing or golf yips.  And these approaches have helped all these issues and more.  Our techniques may be far afield from anything you've previously tried, but obviously you're ready for something different.  (See "How We Can Help.")


Energy is the foundation of life.  Science has shown your body is less solid matter than it is energetic space, sometimes referred to as subtle energy.  This energy, along with dense matter, another form of energy, is continually vibrating.  Just like looking at the pixels of a photo up close, you are composed of mini dots of energy as matter - cells, DNA, etc - uniquely expressed as you and perfectly arranged in the energetic space within and around you.  And as you step back to see the whole picture, you are constantly experiencing an exchange of vibrational energy with the Universal Source Energy and all other life forms.  (See "The Science Behind It.")


Your vibrations are expressions that include every aspect necessary for living a happy, harmonious life - health, prosperity, relationships. 


Sometimes, though, from stress, long held beliefs, sudden trauma, or just constant exposure to collective consciousness, your energy gets blocked, short-circuited,  re-routed and the vibratory flow becomes less than it can be.    

It might be compared to a computer in need of defragging – or worse, with a virus. It becomes clogged with bytes and data that are malicious or no longer useful and it crashes.


Physical and emotional symptoms are the result of a disruption in the energy system. There are various ways to re-establish the flow and all work at different levels and in different ways with each individual. 


In all circumstances, the effect is to allow you to re-connect yourself to the original vibrational energy and rebalance and heal your body, mind and spirit. The Universe is always ready to help you move toward balance.     

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