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The Energy of Health!



What You Should Know



My practice involves coaching clients in the techniques of accessing their own healing and transformative abilities in dealing with their specific issues. Different situations may involve one or several of these methods.  People whom I work with invariably look and feel happier, become more productive and experience fulfillment in all areas of their life.



If your goal is improvement of a health issue, my intention with my services and this website is not to act as a substitute for the advice of medical professionals or other health-care providers. Rather, it is meant to offer information to help you responsibly participate with physicians and health professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being.  Never change or discontinue treatments without consulting your physician or health provider.


I'd also like you to understand before you begin that these techniques can be powerful and can bring about changes to your body and your thoughts.  I therefore strongly recommend that anyone suffering from diagnosed psychiatric disorders, takes psychoactive medication or is under ongoing treatment with a psychologist, psychiatrist, or any mental health professional should ALWAYS consult with their care providers before starting any new form of treatment, including any recommended here.